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Social Media Backup App

We’ve been working on adding TikTok to our SMGE program and when the powers that be (you know who we’re talking about) decided to try and ban TikTok we moved to create a way for our clients, ourselves (yes we’re all addicted too), and our partners to backup all their Social Media Data.

The Social Media Backup app is coming soon!

Social Media Growth Engine (SMGE)

This is our first app, and we are working on the agency backend (Coming Sep. 2021) 

SMGE has been running for almost 4 years and if you want to learn more…

The Adora Charity App

The Adora Charity App is a way for you to give to a Charity you love every time you pick up your phone. It costs you nothing and you are able to give from $3-5/m to your charity.

If you want to learn more join our beta tester list (just ⬇️ under the next section) and we’ll get in touch.


The Adora Charity app has always been very simple to start with. We have plans to bake in so much more than just a profile and ads that give to charity….

Well coming in September of 2021 we’ll be launching a social media site with a focus on uplifting content, better than WhatsApp direct messaging with TRUE end-to-end encryption that is device-based not server-based.

The social media platform will support Images, Video (long and short form) & Audio functionality like podcasts and Clubhouse.

The Adora Agency App

We have come to realize that one of the roadblocks to great storytelling is a cumbersome, and at times, even scary process.

Capturing a story and delivering it in a way that helps a viewer forget that they are reading, watching, or even hearing a story – so they feel like they are IN the story is an art.

The process can often get in the way of the creativity that is needed to tell a story in this way, and as you hopefully already know, we want to hear more of your stories that inspire.

This new Adora Creative Progressive Web App is being built to help the process increase the ability to lean into the creative side of storytelling.

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