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Just FYI we use Zoom for meetings, and we record our meetings so we don’t miss any of the important details we talk about. If you haven’t already, we suggest you download the ZOOM app here.

Adora Thank You
Take a look at our blog post about the power of ‘Thank You’

The flip side of doing good – saying ‘Thank You’​

What do we say when others do good for us? ‘Thank You’ is such a simple, short, and honorable statement [...]

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We have two apps in development and we are excited to tell you more about them!

The Adora Mobile App helps people give to charity without any money coming out of their pockets 🤯

The Adora Creative progressive web app is coming to help make working with an agency SO easy that you’ll never want to go back to any other relationship management system – never, ever, ever again 😎

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