Have you found your PHX tribe?

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Have you found your Tribe, community, your peoples, your crew, the gang, squad, your very own fellowship of the ring? You get the point.

The 'We ❤️ PHX' Event 

We do love Phoenix. So it will not come as a surprise that this post, and everything you are going to see, hear, and read from us over the next 10 days highlights an event focusing on building communities here in the Phoenix Valley.

we love phoenix event

The Sprawl

One of the challenges we have here in the Phoenix metro area is the ‘sprawl’ and all that comes with it.

Distance is a real issue. When trying to connect a metroplex that might be up to a 65-mile drive (Sun City to the Mesa Airport) and finds you traveling through as many as 10 cities, some unique challenges are there to overcome.

Why I love Phoenix

Personally, I can’t believe it’s coming up on 6 years here in the valley. When I first moved here from Denver I was both excited and a little surprised at how much Phoenix acts like a small town yet is one of the top metro areas in the nation. Coming from Denver where a thriving and very connected startup community was buzzing to Phoenix I found it hard to catch a whisper.

Back in 2013 and into 2014 I struggled to find my tribe, there was very little in the way of startup or entrepreneurial cohesion in the valley and then in the summer of 2014 something began to shift.

Before I finish that story we want to ask you about yours. See your story is why we are here, writing this, and reaching out to you.

Why do YOU love Phoenix?

We want to know, why YOU love Phoenix? We want to learn about your community, who you have found OR if you don’t quite feel at home yet with a group of like-minded individuals.

We are going to pause and ask you a few questions so we can make sure this conversation actually gets started and keeps going after you read this.

Survey Says 

❤️ PHX and I'm excited to see all of you at the @joinadora 'We ❤️ #PHX' event on Nov 13th.


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The rest of the story...

My first event, where I felt at home, was a Startup Grind Phoenix event sometime in the summer of 2014. At that event and shortly after that I began meeting some amazing people like Neel Mehta, Christie Kerner, Daniel Valenzuela (shameless plug get out and vote for Daniel for Phoenix Mayor), and one of my favorite people ever - Jonathan Cottrell.

(I’ll be posting about my favorite people here in the valley after this event.)

The YesPHX world was blossoming and I had found my people.

Why Community is EVERYTHING

Community is one of the most important aspects of human existence, it’s the glue that helps us be successful. How many times have we heard that it’s not what we know but WHO we know that makes all the difference?


Why is WHO we know more important than WHAT we know?

Well first let’s be real, as humans we aren’t wired to be alone, we’re (to some extent) all wired to seek out community. And because people trust their connections much more than they trust a list of skills written on a resume or LinkedIn profile, we often see those who form real, deep connections accomplishing more in their lives. We all need help realizing our dreams so we must form these connections.

Now we should probably touch on the subject of HOW we make these connections…

Do we jump into a new community and begin to run around wildly asking for everyone to help us out?

“Please, help me make my dreams come true!!!”

We’ve learned that just doesn’t work. The best rule for building community is to give, help, serve, and be authentically willing to act with a generous heart. There is a law of reciprocity that will work in your favor, when you give others will want to give back to you.

There is another law - the law of authenticity - people can tell if you are genuine. This does not mean you are perfect, and goodness knows none of us are, this just means that when you are out in your community that you honestly, and genuinely have a desire to help and serve.

Moving Forward

So here I am, 5 (almost 6) years, 4 Startup weeks later, untold events, countless happy hours and socials (there is a winter social coming up too!)...

Add in countless evolutionary jumps here in Phoenix and we find ourselves here in 2018 - we couldn’t be more excited about being here in the valley of the sun. Over the last 5 years SO much has changed for the better - Phoenix is starting to be considered as one of the hidden gems here in the entire United States - and we want to be a positive part of even more leaps in the years to come.

To do this we’ve decided to throw a Pop-up event (Location TBD - it will be within 2 miles of downtown Phoenix - we do know that) this November 13th starting at 6 pm.

Over the next few days we will be giving you an inside look at our event, the speakers (two TEDx rockstars), highlights of all the communities YOU tell us about, and of course - as this event is all about community and connection - we’ll be wrapping all of this around tips and tricks for how to better serve and participate in our communities.

Let’s all come together and build this wonderful Phoenix metro community we are all a part of.

P.S. If you want to learn more about who we are, what the Adora story is, or what we do the best - check us out on Instagram - @joinAdora

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